What criteria should you take into account when choosing a crypto-currency site ?

The world today has undergone enough progress and revolution in several areas. For example, we have seen the birth of crypto-currencies, which are nothing other than digital currencies. They are traded and invested on dedicated sites, of which there are thousands. However, many of these sites are not credible, which means that it is necessary to know the appropriate selection criteria to make a wise choice, which is also the purpose of this article.Site legalityThe main threat to websites and online services remains cybercrime. That's why it's advisable to check the legality of a crypto-currency site before choosing it, you can read the complete review to find out more. Indeed, legal crypto-currency sites are under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce since it is a commercial activity. As such, these sites have a registration number that proves and justifies their existence. Most of the time, these registration numbers are mentioned on the platform to reassure customers. Li... See more